Commercial Services

Property owners and managers know to turn to Venture Construction Group when it comes to commercial properties from multi-family to industrial buildings. Whether you operate an office building, retail space, residential condos, home or industrial space. Venture can handle all of your needs from maintenance programs, restore an older property, or in the event of a flood or other catastrophic event.

Why Venture?

  • Combined more than 100 years of experience.
  • You do not have to manage and track multiple contractors.
  • Worry free projects.
  • Time-saving claims and restoration process.
  • 24/7 emergency response teams.

Venture helps with the repair and construction of commercial businesses.Venture’s clients include a number of residential neighborhood complexes, shopping centers and hotels. As a leader in the industry, Venture offers a full range of services including new roof construction, replacement roofing, scheduled inspections and maintenance programs. Our professional staff is experienced in the latest roofing technologies and trained to install all major manufacturers’ brands.

Venture Roof Maintenance Program (VRMP)
Installing a roof isn’t the most glamorous part of construction but it’s one of the more important investments in any building. Maintaining this investment and protecting it can keep a roof working for many years but ignoring it can lead to major expenses down the road.

At Venture, we offer a VRMP (Venture Roof Maintenance Program) for commercial and industrial buildings. Our program includes but is not limited to, regular inspections, evaluations, photographic documentation and reporting, routine maintenance, and recommended quotes for repairs, etc.  We provide our services quickly and precisely.

The start of the VRMP is a process that begins with an evaluation. This then leads to some decisions regarding your available options and services and for your desired results. For example, considering whether to continue to repair and maintain the current roofing system or to prepare it for total restoration.

Our Evaluations
All maintenance programs starts with a general inspection.This entails meeting with the building owners to determine the roof maintenance result and ideas for the building(s) in question. Building owners should consider a number of issues. This is including the length of ownership, current budget and a plan for the depth of the evaluation.

The VRMP Agreement
Venture’s agreement is a formal contract agreement between both parties that lays out the specifics of time, expenses, billing, payment terms and special items/instructions. All agreements are building/address specific and detail the services to be performed via a checklist document. Any requirements for other vendors or subcontractors (electric, fiber-optics, sat. dishes, a/c, etc.) are included. The form of record keeping, method of documentation and personnel contact information is also a detailed part of this agreement.

VRMP Industrial Programs
Our industrial program is more intensive pertaining to long-range programs intended for multi-facility owners, government organizations and other such owners.

As any roofing system ages, it deteriorates, especially membrane roofing and displays symptoms of its remaining performance life. Restoration methods include removal of aggregate surfaces, application of repairs and coatings, application of re-saturates, replacement of vertical flashings, sheet metal flashings and other components. Asphalt, thermo set, thermoplastic, steel and urethane foam membranes each have renovation and rejuvenating materials designed specifically to extend membrane service life.

Our Manufacturers/Materials