Residential Services

As a homeowner, you want to have the peace of mind and trust that the contractor installing your roofing, siding and windows to your interiors, is qualified, reputable and trust worthy of your project. You want to know that you and your family are getting the best possible quality project with the best possible products.

Our Commitment to You

At Venture, we strive for excellent customer service excellence by making sure the process from start to finish runs smoothly with proper communication. At Venture, we also work extremely hard to make sure that we keep our crews up to date on the latest installation techniques and are trained in all aspects of the trade.

Decks and Enclosures

Outdoor living is a big part of the outdoor lifestyle. We can design and install a deck that is sturdy, functional and blends with your dwelling as well as your landscaping for the perfect fit. Using either wood or the new composite materials, we can design it to suit your lifestyle and needs.

Kitchens and Baths

With new and exciting products coming on the home marketplace every day, we can give you just the right room for your needs. Cabinetry and counter tops are our specialty! Updating and/or remodeling your kitchen or bathroom can greatly increase the value of your home.

Roofing & Siding

At Venture we install complete roofing & siding systems. To have a true high performance roofing & siding system it’s more than just panels of siding or shingles or shakes. These systems include making sure that the surface on which the product will be installed is structurally sound and installed to code. Venture will then make sure that both your roofing and siding are installed over properly ventilated and insulated surfaces. One of the most important parts of both roofing and siding is proper flashing around roof to wall areas, chimneys, ventilation, and any penetration areas. With the proper system installed you won’t have to worry about any problems for many years to come!

Venture only uses the most skilled, trained, and experienced tradesmen on all of our projects. We continuously put all of our tradesmen and crews through extensive training and industry certification programs. We also have quality control field managers that complete inspections to ensure that every single project is up to Venture’s superior expectations.

Our Manufacturers/Materials